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Jack Accessories

Lift Module Cart

Black Jack blackjack2 blackjack4
  • Lift Module Transporter
  • Even more SAFETY, VERSATILITY, and VALUE from your MOD-U-LIFT Jacking Systems.


  • The proper capacity and height Lift Modules can be easily positioned under ‘difficult to access’ jacking points


  • Maneuver 60, 100, and 175 ton capacity Lift Modules
  • Interchangeable mounting plate with multiple configurations


  • With the MOD-U-LIFT System you require fewer jacks to cover all your lifting needs


  • Works with all sizes of Lift Modules




Load Holding Rings, Extensions and Steel Base Extension


Extension and Base

Extensions & Base

  • 4″ base + extensions of 4″, 8″, and 16″ (Net extension height 4+4″, 4+8″, and 4+16″).
  • Light weight aluminum extension construction.
  • Steel alloy base extension.
  • Lifting handles for 20″ (4+16″) extensions.
  • Interlocking segments for increased safety.


Load Holding Rings

  • Load Holding Rings Provide Temporary Mechanical Support.
  • Welded Handles for safe and convenient placement.
  • Various Load Holding Ring heights for versatility.
Extensions and Load Holding Ring

Extensions and Load Holding Ring

Extensions and Load Holding Ring

Extensions and Load Holding Ring


Black Jack 60 Ton


Black Jack 60 Ton with 4″ Extension


Black Jack 60 Ton with 8″ Extension


Black Jack 60 Ton with 16″ Extension

Swivel Saddle


Swivel Saddle

  • Swivel Saddle will compensate for a sloped jacking point, up to 5°, to reduce side loading stress. Recommended with extensions.

Jacking Pad

jacking pad-MUL
  • Designed to safely increase the reach of 175 ton lift modules
  • Bolts in securely
  • Allows for convenient transportation via forklift or pallet jack
  • Two heights offered, designed for use on 830E and 930E haul trucks (custom heights available).
jacking pad-trolley jacking pad